How to Color Painting by Numbers

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All children love to draw. But if they can do it directly, without worrying about how others will evaluate their work, then adults are more suspicious in this regard. Do you love and want to draw, but are you embarrassed by your “clumsy” creativity? Try coloring by Painting by Numbers! The technique of coloring by numbers will allow you to feel like a real artist – even if you don’t know how to draw at all.

What is a coloring kit? It includes the actual painting (canvas), a control diagram in case you are afraid of messing up something, a set of brushes and acrylic paints. The colors are numbered so that you can be sure that you will not make a mistake with the tone.

There are sets in which you are offered already numbered shades, but there are also sets in which shades need to be mixed. This is an even more creative process, so you can show your talent as a decorator more fully and vividly.

Here is the set-in front of you. From which side to approach it? If you want to master coloring by numbers, instructions from the online store “ “it will help you!

First, choose a place where you will create. Ideally, it should be a well-lit table or, if you like, an easel on an outdoor sunny terrace. Make sure that the light will fall on the entire canvas, illuminating it evenly. Now cover your place of work with newspapers so that after the act of creation you don’t have to wash everything – you never know what can happen. Acrylic paints dry very quickly, and it’s not so easy to wash them off later! Remember this – try not to stain your hands and clothes with paints.

Put the canvas in front of you, put the paints, lay out the brushes. Also prepare a glass of water and, if necessary, a palette. An ordinary flat plate can also serve as a palette for you. You will also need a cloth to wipe the washed brushes, and if the paints need to be mixed, then even matches or toothpicks.

When you color Painting by Number, the coloring technique differs from the usual coloring with felt-tip pens or pencils. It is convenient to first choose one color and paint over all the areas, and then only switch to another color.

So, choose one of the colors. Carefully examine the picture to find all the areas belonging to this color. Choose a paint. Using brushes of different sizes, carefully paint all areas with the selected shade. Small surfaces are painted over with small brushes, and large ones are first outlined with a thin brush, and then painted over with a thick one. The amount of paint in the set is calculated in such a way that you paint over the surface well. Light shades are sometimes transparent, so do not hesitate to walk on the surface a second and third time so that the contours and numbers are not visible.

When the work on one color is finished, rinse the brush thoroughly so that the colors do not mix. And then proceed to coloring with a different color, the brush should dry out before that.

How to alternate colors? Practitioners believe that it is better to go from the lightest shade to the darkest. Why? Because in case of an error, it is more difficult to paint over a light area with a dark pigment than a dark area with a light one.

Painting by Numbers Coloring Technique

Acrylic paints dry very quickly, so there is no need to take long breaks between coloring in different shades. It is important to make sure that the paint jar is tightly closed if you are not using it anymore, otherwise it will dry up. For the same reason, you should not leave a brush in a jar with paint.

When all the paints are dry, evaluate the painting from a distance of 2-3 meters – this is how real painting is evaluated. If you notice any flaws, they can and should be corrected.

The painting does not require additional processing. Acrylic paints do not wash off with water and have a pleasant shine. The finished painting does not need to be varnished. And if dust settles on it, you can safely wipe it with a damp cloth.

If you put a picture in a frame, it will turn out no worse than a real painting. And you can proudly show your work to others, because now you are a real artist!