Why Invest in Rainy Wear?

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Rainy Wear

Rainwear is more convenient than an umbrella when you need to use both hands, such as when commuting to work or school on a rainy day by bicycle, shopping to pick up and drop off your children, camping, or leisure.

There are three varieties of rainwear that you should use appropriately depending on the purpose and style.

Rainwear is divided into three categories based on style and shape. The “raincoat” type is above the knee length, the “rain poncho” type is worn comfortably from the head, and the “rain jacket (setup rain suit)” type is separated into upper and lower jackets and pants.

Coat for the rain (coat type)

A raincoat is a waterproof cloak with a length above the knee that was designed hundreds of years ago in England and is reported to have grown quite popular at the time.

It has a fashionable design and typically resembles the mamma coat. It is convenient to wear in office and school settings because it can be worn with only one coat. If it rains lightly, the lower half of the body will not be as wet as the upper half, so if it rains lightly, you may use this one without fear of becoming wet. However, because it is not covered, severe rain or riding a bike in the rain will get your lower body wet. Some models have a long coat design with an under guard (triangular gusset) on the front hem to compensate for this flaw, which is perfect for rainy wear.

Rain Poncho

“Poncho” is a Spanish word that originally referred to a chilly and windproof garment worn around the neck by cutting a hole in the center of square cloth and is said to have originated in the folk costumes of Central and South American indigenous peoples. It has been popular in the outdoor world, and it is now also popular in regular life because it can be worn comfortably from above while carrying a backpack. Because it can be waterproofed with luggage, it is easy to put on and take off, and it is lightweight and compact, it is ideal for light outdoor situations such as festivals. Because of its vast selection of stylish patterns, it is also popular with ladies for everyday use.

Rain jacket (setup rain suit)

The type that is worn up and down is called the rain setup (rain suit), and the jacket section is called the rain jacket, of all the rainwear worn outdoors in cold or bad weather. The top and lower set types are distinguished by their excellent waterproofness. Because each jacket and pair of pants completely covers the upper and lower torso, you may waterproof your entire body by wearing them with rain boots and rain gloves. If you simply do not want to get wet in the rain, this rain suit should be your first choice.


  • Raincoats and rain ponchos are ideal for commuting to work or school since they combine style with waterproofness.
  • If you want to be waterproof in many situations such as commuting, school, daily life, outdoor festivals, and the outdoors, you should wear a rain jacket (setup rain suit).
  • Rain poncho if you’re using it in an environment where design is essential and you’ll be putting it on and off frequently, such as during outdoor events.
  • For short trips and mild rain, raincoats and rain ponchos are recommended.
  • If you want to ride your bicycle safely and comfortably regardless of the distance or intensity of the rain, you’ll need a rain jacket (setup rain suit).