Balinese Tattoo Art that is admired and captivates
Balinese Tattoo Art that is admired and captivates

Recently, tattoo art has grown and developed according to its time in terms of its design and function, not only as an identity for the collector, but also as a fashion and lifestyle, and even tattoo art itself has begun to transform into a form of tourism where it is a sign of social status or something that connects with religious ritual matters began to separate.

Tourism in Bali relies heavily on art and cultural offerings in addition to natural tourism and spiritual tourism, in this case art has its own place and market for Bali tourism. The packaging, art and tourism in Bali are mostly focused on performing arts, painting, sculpture and arts and crafts and the like. On the other hand, in today’s globalization, tattoo art can also be regarded as an attraction in tourism. This is evidenced by the many best tattoo studios around strategic tourism spots. Apart from the original Indonesian culture, tattoos are also a very promising livelihood in tourism.

Many reports explain that tattoos in Bali are the target of foreign tourists visiting Bali. Even though the price is quite expensive for just a few centimeters, it is still a target. Studio anchor tattoo bali for example, as time goes by, it is increasingly known to local and foreign tourists, so that now it is never empty of visitors. This also proves that the art of tattooing has a market and fanatical connoisseurs, especially from tourists visiting Bali.

There is one form of tattoo art that has a market as well as fanatical fans who are not inferior to other art phenomena, namely tribal tattoos. This tattoo art is part of a culture that can now be said to be urban culture today. In this part of the world, several countries have tattoo cultures with their own characteristics such as Japan, New Zealand, Hawaii, Thailand, some in Africa and the Pacific Islands.

This shows that tattoos have been around for a long time and are passed down from generation to generation. Indonesia also has a tattoo culture such as the famous Dayak and Mentawai Tattoos and we can still see their existence. If we think about it together, this is Indonesia’s Indigenous Cultural Heritage. This tattoo can be used as a tourist attraction in terms of cultural arts.

This is evidenced by the many tattoo studios in tourism areas such as Kuta, Ubud, Batubulan and other strategic tourism areas. Not only tattoos that are permanent, but also temporary ones are also in great demand.